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Product Care

1) ALWAYS USE TALCUM POWDER OR OUR RECOMMENDED LUBRICANT (here) INSIDE ALL LATEX CLOTHING BEFORE USE – forcing it on without aid may cause the fabric to rip (lube is better for transparent latex and tighter fitting garments such as leggings, catsuits & gloves - please note only a small amount of lube is required).

2) KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT AND DAYLIGHT – even indoors, store in a dark wrapping.

3) DO NOT STORE LIGHT COLORED LATEX WITH STRONGER COLOURS – the stronger colours can stain the lighter ones.

4) KEEP LATEX AWAY FROM METALS – light coloured latex in particular might stain or get otherwise damaged from contact with various metals so always avoid direct contact with body piercings, belts, buckles, buttons, pop studs, zips, clips, coins, metal coat-hangers etc.

5) AVOID CONTACT WITH ALL OILS – oils can permanently stain or otherwise damage latex so keep away from greasy fingers, baby oil, moisturizers which are oil based etc and fake tan (which will also stain).

6) WE RECOMMEND THE USE OF A LATEX POLISH – Polish is needed to sustain the quality of your rubber garments, it cleans and nourishes the latex keeping it stretchy and vibrant. We recommend our bespoke white latex polish.

7) WE RECOMMEND THE USE OF THIS LUBRICANT (here) – it can be used as a dressing aide as well as to shine the latex, it can be mixed with the polish for extra protection and a high shine.

8) TAKE EXTRA CARE WHEN POLISHING PRINTED LATEX – printed latex is more delicate and requires special treatment. When polishing on print use a dabbing method or light strokes, vigorous rubbing may cause the print to wear.

9) TAKE EXTRA CARE WHEN WEARING PRINTED LATEX – as with all printed fabrics it is possible that the print on some printed latex may 'wear', this is more common where the garment is rubbing against itself or other garments (e.g. under armpits and then corset's, jackets, handbags etc...).

10) WE RECOMMEND RE-TALCING THE GARMENT AFTER USE – doing this will dry clean the garment and prevent a moist garment from sticking to itself when stored. Never store while moist as the fabric might stick to itself and subsequently rip when being unpeeled.

11) WE ONLY RECOMMEND the care products sold on the Atsuko Kudo website as these are the products which we have experience of and which are sure will work in harmony with Atsuko Kudo latex products. There are many other latex care products available on the market however we cannot be responsible for any issues which may arise from the use of products which we do not have experience with.

You can wash your garments if they become particularly dirty, to do this we recommend adding a teaspoon of washing up liquid to a sink of luke warm water, clean and then rinse. Dry the garment with a towel (please note the guidelines above for printed latex and take extra care). We then recommend dipping again in the sink but adding a tablespoon of polish, to the luke warm water, before removing the garment for the last time and a few drops of lube to the water to seal in the moisture. Dry with a j-cloth.

Of course we want you to be happy with our products so please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience any problem. In the event that the problem has arisen due to faulty manufacture or materials we will of course repair or replace the item accordingly.

We cannot be held responsible for problems arising due to items of clothing having been improperly maintained/ stored / worn etc.

We will undertake repairs once an assessment has been made as to the viability of such repair. If the item is being repaired outside the period of guarantee a minimum charge of £10.00 will normally apply.

In certain circumstances it may be suitable or recommended that your garment is cleaned professionally in our studios. This may involve several different options/processes depending on the condition of the garment. We will always provide advice on which process is required and we will quote for the relevant cleaning service - this has to be agreed in writing with the customer before any action is taken.

Typical examples:-

Mini dress: polish/condition (simple clean/condition) £25
Mini dress: deep clean and re-powder (for pre-repair purposes only) £40
Mini dress: deep clean, re-powder and polish/condition (full service) £65

Pencil dress: polish/condition (simple clean/condition) £30
Pencil dress: deep clean and re-powder (for pre-repair purposes only) £50
Pencil dress: deep clean, re-powder and polish/condition (full service) £80

Catsuit: polish/condition (simple clean/condition) £35
Catsuit: deep clean and re-powder (for pre-repair purposes only) £60
Catsuit: deep clean, re-powder and polish/condition (full service) £95

All prices exclude UK VAT @ 20%

We may also recommend other treatments depending on the specific circumstances.

This does not affect your statutory rights.